Environment-Enhancing Energy (E2-Energy) Forum 2010

August 15 – 17, 2010   Beijing, China        2010年8月15 – 17日   中国北京

Guest Speakers:

Cao, Xianghong, Senior Vice President
Academician of the Chinese Academy of


Cuello, Joel L, Ph.D. Professor
The University of Arizona

Darzins, Al, PhD
Principal Group Manager

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Leggett, Anthony, Professor
Nobel Laureate, 2003 Physics

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Luo, Zhongyang, Distinguished Professor
Cheung Kong Scholars

Zhejiang University

Regalbuto, John, Professor
Director of the Catalysis and Biocatalysis

National Science Foundation, U.S

Shi, Yuanchun
Academician of Chinese Academy of Science

Wang, Jawkai
Academician of U.S. Academy of Engineering

Wu, Qingyu, Professor
Tsinghua University

Zhang, Yuanhui, Professor
Leader of Bioenvi Engineering Divsion

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

   This Forum explores next generation of hydrocarbon fuel production technologies using biowaste and biomass with environment -enhancing capabilities. The Environment-Enhancing Energy (E2-Energy) technologies should be economically viable, environmentally sustainable and have the potential to ultimately meet the human need for liquid fuel.

   The Purposes of this Forum are to: (1) Identify emerging and future Environment-Enhancing Energy technologies for next generation hydrocarbon liquid fuels with a total net-zero, or negative carbon emission during their life-cycles; and (2) Promote collaboration among, and invest in the academia, industry and government agencies between China and U.S, jointly or independently, in the R&D of Environment-Enhancing Energy area.

   The forum will have oral presentations from invited speakers to lead discussion. There will be a poster session for all participants, and several round table discussions involving all participants to identify the needs and research/development strategies for Environment-Enhancing Energy.


  • Issues of energy, environment, national security and economic development
  • State-of-the-art of next generation of hydrocarbon fuel technologies
  • Bioscience and engineering of biomass production
  • Biowaste (animal, human and food processing) for liquid fuel conversion
  • Biomass (Algae and lignocellulose) for liquid fuel conversion
  • Waste water cleaning and water resources in bioenergy production
  • Carbon sequestration and nutrient reuse
  • Catalysis of biomass conversion
  • Socio-Economic issues related to bioenergy
  • Organized by: China Agricultural University. Zhejiang University. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
    Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences.


    Steering Committee:

    Luo, Zhongyang, Zhejiang University (Co-Chair)
    Shi, Yuanchun, China Agricultural University (Co-Chair)
    Zhang, Yuanhui, University of Illinois (Co-Chair)
    Cen, Kefa, Zhejiang University
    Cao, Xianghong, SINOPEC
    Du, Zhanyuan, China Ministry of Science and Technology
    Kuang, Tingyun, China Academy of Science
    Regalbuto, John,US National Science Foundation
    Leggett, Anthony, University of Illinois
    Luo, Xiwen, South China Ag University
    Ren, Hongbin, China Machinery Corp.
    Tan, Tianwei, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
    Wang, Maohua, China Agricultural University
    Wang, Tao, China Agricultural University
    Wu, Qingyu, Tsinghua University
    Zhao, Jindong, China Academy of Science

    Organizing Committee:

    Li, Baoming, China Agricultural University (Co-Chair)
    Luo, Zhongyang, Zhejiang University (Co-Chair)
    Zhang, Yuanhui, University of Illinois (Co-Chair)
    Dong, Renjie, China Agricultural University (Executive Chair)
    Cheng, Jun, Zhejiang University
    Schideman, Lance, University of Illinois
    Sun, Yigang, University of Illinois
    Wang, Chaoyuan, China Agricultural University
    Wang, Zhiping, Zhejiang University
    Zhou, Jingsong, Zhejiang University

    Sponsored by: Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Ministry of Agriculture of China. Ministry of Education of China. China Machinery Corporation (SINOMACH). China PetroChemical Corporation (SINOPEC). American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineer. Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering.